How to Purchase Bitcoins

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*Where can I buy bitcoin?*

*LocalBitcoins - *

Process: Go to the link provided. Sign up for an account using any information you want, if you want to be anonymous then use an alias and an alias email. If you are looking to purchase bitcoin in person for cash, you can sort the vendors by how close they live to your ZIP code. If you are looking to pay cash but dont want to meet anyone, you can find vendors that do cash deposits for bitcoin using major branch banks (Bank of America, Citibank, Wells Fargo, ect.). With this option you go to the bank of choice, that the vendor has an account set up with, and fill out a deposit slip and give it to the teller. By the time you get back from the bank the bitcoins should be on your localbitcoin account. You do not have to give any information about yourself, at all, to the teller of the bank. This is very anonymous.

*Coinbase -*

Coinbase uses bank transfer as their main payment option, which includes verifying your online banking by giving them your login and password. Before you do this, change your information and once Coinbase verifies it, change it back to the password you were using beforehand. This is totally safe and yes, many people have done this. The wait is four days after you place an order unless you verify your account to "Level 2" which some people have luck with and some do not. There is no trick in getting verified, as people have repetitively put in the same information to get verified and all of the sudden one day it works. Be patient.

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