Question about sending carded items.

By Goodweed »

What to do when there is no possibility for a drop address?
How risky it is to send stuff on my own address, when i live in country where these bitches always wants me to sign when they delivering a package.. ?

Is there no option like buying some digital stuff for big money and resell it?

Or maybe somebody know how to get drop in DK?

#1. by Tigra »

there is always a way around, if you are not able to find you may be not old enough that means that most likely you still live with your parents. Do you want them to be there when LE come in knocking at the door?

do you live in a port?

go to the harbor and ask where you can find a seaman center. they always receive packages for their customers.

just go, chill out on the internet 2 or three days, make it look like if u work on a cruise ship or something like that (that means check the schedules), and then ask the guy behind the counter if you can send something there, he is gonna say "sure, we charge 1 buck per item" if he ask you why dont you send it to your ship office, just tell him that you did it before but they lost 2 package already and you dont want to risk it

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