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Now Get 1 Credit Card Free with purchase of any Paypal account ( Only Available while stocks last )

#1. by Hugo »

Just sent you mail cc100bestwood, please reply

#2. by brandon »

whats your smallest paypal account right now?

#3. by Hobbit »

@cc100bestwood can i get any paypal account with CC?

#4. by »

@Hobbit , LOL no sorry

#5. by talisman »

@cc100bestwood , i bought 1 paypal account from you yesterday, can i get one card plz, this is not fair mate

#6. by Hugo »

@cc100bestwood please check your BTC wallet , my wallet id - 1CR5VhZ5ZkiRHR7hbwd6XuoSiQhLEFYo87y

#7. by »

@hugo , stop posting that in public for god sake, Yeah i got your payment , wait for 15 mins

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