These are the Most Frequent questions asked by our new customers

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*These are the most frequent questions asked by our new customers. We've decided to clear things up alot in order to save ourselves alot of time so that we may focus on Carding, Hacking & Filling orders; instead of answering the same questions repeatedly. *

*Credit Cards, PrePaid Cards, PayPal Cards & Shipping

Q: Is it safe to ship the cards to my address?

A: Yes, we send the card in quality packaging. There is nothing for mailing carrier to be suspicious about.

Q: Is there any other way to receive the card?

A: Yes, we can send to any address that you'd like. We can send to an abondon house or even send to your neighbor's address. All you do is ask your neighbor if they received your mail politely. This works everythime ;).

Q: Do I have to use my real name on the card?

A: No, we'll emboss whatever name you want on the card; we don't care.

Q: How real does the card look?

A: We make quality cards for each order! The card is very high quality and you couldnt tell it apart from the real ones.

Q: What's the balance on each card & how can I attain bigger balance?

A: Each card has a balance of 5k - 7k. You may get bigger balance by purchasing multiple packs.

Q: Does the card come with 4 digit pin and how will you provide me with the pin?

A: Yes, each card comes with a 4 digit pin so you can use the card as debit or in ATM. We always provide the 4 digit pin in the same package that the card is sent.

Q: What's the daily Card limits?

A: CC daily ATM limit is $1500 & daily spending limit is $3,000, Big CC daily ATM limit is $3000 & daily spending limit is $7,000. Prepaid card daily ATM limit is $2000 & there's no daily spending limits.

Q: What's the deference between US & EU Cards?

A: US & EU cards can be used worldwide. However, some ATM do not accept US cards because they only have stripe. As for EU cards, they have both stripe & chip so they can be used in every ATM in the world. If you are in US/Canada it is best to use US Cards, In UK/EU/CN/Caribbean and most other countries it is best to use EU Cards.

Q: Is it safer to use PrePaid Cards?

A: Yes! You must take into consideration that the Prepaid cards that we have are legit cards bought in bulk from the actual companies. We then activate them and load them with clean cash upon our customers order.

Q: Can I trust cardshopff with my personal information?

A: We don't care about your identity and we preach that you remain anonymous. However, we don't store your information and once we ship your order, we erase all conversations, and details you provided. Therefore you are anonymous once more.

Q: Where can I use the Credit Cards?

A: Where master cards are accepted! ATM and Stores worldwide.

Q: Is there a time limit to use the Credit Card?

A: No but we urge you to use the Credit Card as soon as you get it and always remember that the banks report to the credit card owners 30 days after purchase is made. It would be nice if you could max the card in 10 days ;).

Q: I want to use the card in UK but the card holder is in US, will the bank deactivate the card?

A: Never! Americans goes all over the world and max their Credit Cards out very often. You can use the cards worldwide.

Q: Is there a manual on using the card?

A: This is very simple, no manual is needed. We do advise that you follow these tips when using the cards though:
#1) If you don't have ID to match with the name that's on the card, use the card as debit in stores and enter the 4 digit pin when purchasing.
#2) Pay close attention to your spending and know that once you go over 3k the card could be max shortly.
#3) When you use ATM make sure to hide your face properly & never look directly into ATM cameras.
#4) Never bring your personal cellphone with you when you are using ATM to cash out. (When the feds investigate, they usually pull every phone # that was in the area at the time of the crime, your personal # will come up with other phone #s and the feds will take notes. If another cashout is done by you and the feds investigate that one too and see your same phone # in the area at the time of the crime, they will tag the ATM cashout to you by your phone.
#5) Never use drive through ATM & never park your car close to where the ATM is located. Where there is ATM, there are a lot of cameras. Last thing you would want is for the cameras to get your license plate # ;).
#6) We have hundreds of customers and we fill a lot of orders daily. Our customers don't seem to have any issues; they keep coming back for more ;)

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*WesternUnion Money Transfer*

Q: Is it Safe to pick up WU transfers?

A: Yes, it is perfectly Safe to pick up transfers from us. We are experienced Carders with a huge clientel of successful transactions.

Q: Can I get in trouble for picking up money in my real name?

A: No, there is NEVER any risk for the receiver; 100 % guarantee that you have nothing to worry about.

Q: Can the money you send me via WU or Bank Transfers raise Red Flags?

A: We are professional Carders and we've mastered our techniques. We never raise RED FLAGS! We only send clean money to our customers.

Q: Where do you get the money from to do money transfers?

A: We are an experienced team of Carders with all the right tools to Card Western Union & Money Gram effortlessly. We have credit cards with high balances to fund money transfers.

Q: Can I go to Jail for receiving & spending the money?

A: NEVER! You've not committed any crime... The receiver is innocent; the Carders are the ones who faces the danger.

Q: Why are you selling transfers and why don't you just pick up transfers yourself?

A: We are selling transfers because we can and we have a mission to help the less fortunate people. We also pick up transfers in larger numbers.

Q: Why do you charge a fee for transfers?

A: The fee we charge is for maintenance. We pay monthly bills for tools to make transfers possible and lets not forget how valuable our time is!

Q: I don't want alot of money, why can't you transfer $500 to me for less fee?

A: It does not make sense for us to use a card with a balance of $2,000 - $5,000 to only send you $500. In some cases a CC can only be used once for sending, we risk loasing $1,500 - $4,500 balance on the card. That is why we rather to send more money through transfers.

Q: How long before I can pick up my money transfer?

A: Your money transfer will be ready for pickup between 45-50 minutes after your Bitcoin payment is received.

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*Payment Accepted*

Q: What form of payment do you accept?

A: We ONLY accept Bitcoin payments.

Q: What are Bitcoins?

A: Bitcoin is a krypto currency / digital currency that allows both the Seller & Buyer to remain anonymous.

Q: Where & how can I get Bitcoins?

A: The easiest way to get Bitcoins is to buy from (you don't need to be anonymous to buy). You may buy Bitcoins at using WU, MG, Walmart, Bank Transfer etc. It is 100% safe.

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