Westernunion Transfers Available

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Hello Dear Carders!

i m working since 2012. my main mission and goal is to make a profit together with you!

My rates are fixed so no negotiation in terms of prices . Please Never ask me for test transfers or etc.

All proofs will be provided here on my thread

Transferring Western Union all over the world and it takes 1 hour to 3hours maximum for generating MTCN .
You Will Get MTCN Code With Sender Info + Amount And Then You Can Pick Up Funds From Any Westernunion Store


We accept Bitcoins Only

Western Union Transfer Rates :

For $3500 Transfer = $140
For $6000 Transfer = $170
For $8000 Transfer = $240



For any questions and orders, Please contact me at


#1. by cdma »

@ cc100best please check your mail, i would like to buy a western union as soon as possible

#2. by bahrim »

I need $3500 WU, i sent you mail, please reply its urgent

#3. by hobo »

Hi, I just made my first order and I am looking forward to my WU

#4. by hobo »

Thanks sir i got my money, wohooo ,looking to place my 2nd order

#5. by viscious »

Hi cc100best, please confirm payment for $3500 WU transfer

#6. by »

@hobo , looking forward to dealing with you real soon

#7. by »

@viscious, Your order is processed, will mail you once you MTCN code is ready

#8. by sean bell »

i just picked up my first deal bro thanks alot keep up good work

#9. by isaac »

I sent him $350 Bitcoin and receive my wu mtcn within next 2 hour . he is legit seller guys. must vouch for him

#10. by Nicholas »

Just sent you an email.

Please reply my email as soon as possible. Hope we can do a business

Thak you.

#11. by sabbir »

I would like to do some WU transfers, but where and how I get BITCOINS and how do I transfer it to you?

#12. by Trinidad »

please can i recieve western union down in west africa would like to do business with you

#13. by frenzo »

How many WU Transfers are for one person possible ? unlimited ?

#14. by »

@frenzo - you can take transfer once in a week and maximum 4 times in a month

#15. by »

@Trinidad - Yes i have many buyers from africa, Contact me for deal :

#16. by santonio »

I paid $420 for $4000 WU transfer 2 hrs ago, waiting for transfer.

#17. by »

@santonio - Your Western union transfer has been made please check your email and track your transfer

#18. by zerome »

Hi cc100best

I would like to do business with you,
what are your business hours or are you online 24/7?
because I can't seem to get in touch with you. Confused
please let me know.

#19. by Raffik »

Hello my friend,
Nice connecting With you.i'm highly interested in your WU transfers.could you please,email me with more detaiIs.Iam from ghana and will like to build a longterm business with you if only you can do real business.

#20. by lycra »

Are you still doing western union? i need $10,000 + , how much its gonna cost

#21. by kellz »

First seller to actually send a legit wu transfer. Big vouch and thank you.

#22. by Dragon_92 »

Can you send to Tokyo, Japan ??

#23. by krip »

i ordered western union transfer to mexico and i cashout my mtcn today i am really speechless about cc100best

#24. by Darkcash »

Awesome! Collected my wu payment - MTCN: 245-618-**19 VOUCH

#25. by Poker_face »

Tried a $1400 WU transfer today and it worked on the first try. I can confirm this guy is legit. Will be doing more business here Asap

#26. by Topgun »

You have earned my respect and trust bro. i will spread the word!

#27. by scarface »

Can we do a Western union for $1000? Ill pay bitcoin. Email me pls :

#28. by vito »

Best on deep net! A++++++++

#29. by flipz »

Got the payment (328-904-8492). All good.

#30. by stuntman »

I want to buy a transfer asap! Email me on

#31. by H-town »

I ordered 5 transfers and all 5 transfers worked perfectly.


#32. by mike »

Done my first WU with Bravo.

MTCN 1704242670 = $5,080 = Received

This guy is the GREATEST

#33. by Huang »

today i sent him 0.90 BTC and receive my Chinese mtcn at intervals next 30 minutes . he's legit merchant guys. should vouch for him

#34. by jacob »

@cc100best - can i receive western union in vietnam?

#35. by justaguy »

Is this WesterUnion transfer Working?

#36. by Novel Butusov »

Vendor: +++++
Service: +++++
Time: ++++
Will I buy again?: Hell yeah!

#37. by Proudlock »

Im in the process of dealing with this guy for $2000 western union transfer. I will update here if i am successful or not

#38. by maximus »

I've read really good reviews about this vendor from other forums, everyone is saying how good he is

#39. by dynamo »

agreed, this dude is a master of the game. i just successfully completed a $5000 Western Union transfer with him. took him 20 minutes max. so glad to say hes the real deal and he has my vouch

#40. by Proudlock »

Just came back to leave my feedback and say cc100best is A++ seller. thanks man it was a pleasure doing business with you.

#41. by Bryant »

I came here just to say that Im in the middle of a deal with cc100best for $2000 WU transfer and 3 credit cards. I will update when I receive my goods

#42. by »

@Bryant: Sent your MTCN and link to credit cards to your email buddy. Please check. Also, I was off for a while but business is back in full swing again guys

#43. by Gabeth »

Hey im new to this but I'm interested in the WU service give me a holler

#44. by Rokraq »

Plz help I want to do a WU . New member not sure what to do!!!

#45. by neel »

got my MTCN and collected payment, Thankyou so much cc100best

#46. by Xiao-Chen-Yuan »

Today i gonna make deal with him ,let see how fast he can have mtcn

#47. by Eriksson »

Thanks bro finally i got my money just picked up western union of $2500 . a little bit delay but now i am happy that i got my money

now i can pay my rents. thanks a lot cc100best

#48. by Xiao-Chen-Yuan »

Good news. I picked up $3500 in cash , Mtcn Code 770-293-xxxx
Bad news. I wish i done $7000. This $3500 was so easy.
Keep up the good work

#49. by poresh »

I Need a transfer. WU I have a only $150 or BtC.

#50. by poresh »

also please tell me how can i convert usd into bitcoins

#51. by richie »

sup bro, i need some cash. I wanna do wu for $3000 and if you legit i’ll be back for more business. talk to ya soon

#52. by phil »

hi cc100best

As promised I’m back for Christmas season. I’m ready to go for your big ticket 10k for 2btc. Waiting on your instructions. Deuces!

#53. by steve$ »

Just cashed out my mtcn. First time in years I actually cashed out. Anyone who comes across this darknet forum is lucky!

#54. by Luiz »

Hi, I’m from Brazil, do I have to open account at WU?

#55. by howler »

Hi. Im interested.. can send funds in malaysia?

#56. by Resetti »

Hey cardshopff Whats wrong with sigaint, i sent you few mails , did you get it?

#57. by anony »

So far, this is the best western union money transfer service, these guys gave me 2 mtcn valid in past 2 weeks and both allowed me to withdraw at WU after giving MTCN code to the tellers

#58. by Jerrywhite »

Hope there will not be any trace collecting the western union money funds here in my country in Africa?

#59. by lynme »

Hi cc100bestcrew i dont have any money currently but i can work for you, you can give me any task and i will give my 100% trust me

#60. by cc100bestcrew »

@Jerrywhite - There won't be any problems sending to Africa, I can transfer to any country that has a local wu office.

#61. by Kushman312 »

Please I want to try this but i don't know how to transfer money from my wallet, please i need help ASAP

#62. by kiwistra »

Im interested in $3500 Western union , kindly reply to my email, its been 2 hour's and im ready to make payment

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