Sigaint was seized as part of an MiB investigation

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I got information from my intel network regarding the sudden disappearance of sigaint and I felt compelled to share it immediately with my fellow DNM'ers.
Sigaint was actively being used by human-form aliens spies scattered across our world to communicate remotely with invisible capital ships in orbit around our planet. The spies were taking their orders via coded transmissions sent from the ships to the TOR network and could easily be accessed from any man-made device with access to the hidden internet.
These alien-human hybrids are involved in numerous sabotage missions including the recent hijacking of hundreds of Xanax bar packs from Canada enroute to the USA, the election of Donald Trump, and succesfully faking the moon landing in 1969.
The Men in Black secret service has not found a way to destroy the numerous and heavily armed capital ships orbitting our planet YET, but be assured that our governement agents are working tirelessly to counter the emerging alien threat. Today, the MiB has demonstrated the extensive reach of its abilities by closing the underground and sophisticated sigaint electronic messaging system used by the aliens, and this blow shall be considered as our warning to this alien race that we have the ressources and the willpower to fight them.
Consider sigaint compromised and in the hands of the MiB secret service. And always remember to use PGP to encrypt sensitive information regardless of the email provider you use.
N.B. Unfortunately, the evidence comes from priviledged sources only I have access to and for the security of my intel network and OPSEC, I cannot supply direct evidence of this information.

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