Cloned Credit Cards ( free shipping )

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Hi everyone ,

Im back with cloned credit cards, Every card comes with a 4 digit pin & it is safe to use everywhere in the world that accepts master card & visa. I have enough supplies to make 100+ Master/Visa Credit/Debit cards per day. The card won't ever get frozen and can be used just like a regular credit card, These cards can be used to shop in stores and you can use them to cashout in ATMs worldwide.

& Price is $140, Guaranteed to have at least $3000 left on CC limit, most are over $3500

2 x CC = $250 (Inlcuding free express shipping)

3 x CC = $350 (Including free FedEx International Next Flight shipping)

4 x CC = $400 (Including free FedEx International Next Flight shipping)

5 x CC = $550 (Including free FedEx International Next Flight shipping)

6 x CC = $600 (Including free FedEx International Next Flight shipping) &

For any questions and orders, Please contact me at


#1. by hugo »

Is this for real and available? I want to buy now

#2. by venom »

just need to decide asap before bitcoins clear

#3. by »

@hugo Yes this is available and you don't have to ask if it is real. everybody knows me and my reputation in deepweb. It is obvious that this is real. I serviced over 2k transactions. 1 card is for $300. It will cost you such little money to get big money of 4k - 5k. If you are serious send me a email:

#4. by pitcher »

I just sent you mail , please revert to me as soon as possible.

#5. by »

all orders are shipped out same day or the next day depending on time of order. Once order is shipped you will be provided with the tracking number

#6. by hotshot »

I'll be getting 6 cards in a few weeks got you a couple customers too :)

#7. by pitcher »

What's your torchat ? @cc100best

#8. by hugo »

Hey guys, I just ordered from him and the card should arrive friday or saturday. He was very responsive and helpful, I will post a review on the card once I receive it.

#9. by noname »

Can I get discount if I purchase multiple cards?

#10. by »

@noname please contact me at

#11. by »

Shipment sent @hugo please check your email now for tracking :)

#12. by talisman »

cc100best are you Online? just sent you an email, want to clear some doubts

#13. by hugo »

Thanks cc100best, I got tracking details, Im so excited

#14. by brandon »

Hi cc100best , before I order, I want to know some things:

The package is mailed to any countries?
For receiving, tracking number and mobile phone number (for mail agent) is enough?
Must give the real name with the real address for shipping?
It can be used at ATM or only in stores?

Thank you

#15. by »

Yes i ship worldwide

Just make sure you use valid name and shipping address , usually when someone tries to have things mailed to fake names or vacant houses, it might not get delivered

Yes you can use it @ any ATM

for any other question mail me at

#16. by Joshua »

Can i have your skype id? cc100best

#17. by »

@Joshua ,I dont use skype or any other chat services for security reasons, if you have any questions you can mail me

#18. by William »

Why are u giving them away for 0.45 BTC each if you could make thousands of dollars with each and any of them?

#19. by »

@William I sell around 20-25 cards per day, it would be risky for me to go town to town , atm to atm every other day, cashing out cards, for security reasons its easy for me to sell cards on deep web .

#20. by hugo »

Just wanted to say thanks, cc100best. Your service is awesome, will order more from you soon :)

#21. by Joshua »

@cc100best thanks for sending me tracking details, im out of funds right now , but will buy soon

#22. by pitcher »

Thanks cc100best! I got my card yesterday. It worked perfect. It's harder to blow $$2k than I thought

#23. by shoutout »

*cc100best i wasn't able to post anything here yesterday, please tell me what happened to my Card i bought yesterday night ?*

#24. by »

@shoutout - I have already sent you tracking details. please check your spam folder too

#25. by shoutoutz »

*Thanks cc100best i got my tracking details, it was in my spam folder , i was getting little anxious, will buy more from you soon"

#26. by xian »

This post was deleted by its owner

#27. by samson »

*cc100best i sent you mail on your safemail account , please reply me*

#28. by »

@samson , i do not use my old safemail account anymore, you can mail me at

#29. by TesterPerson »

This post was deleted by its owner

#30. by hopetree »

I never heard back from you since my order a few days ago. What's up?

#31. by johnson »

*Thanks cc100best i got my card today, I dont have words to say , but im really very very happy, it was my first purchase on deepweb. i will buy 10's of cards from you , GOD BLESS YOU*

#32. by Rogue »

Just another happy customer here! My ten pack came yesterday, THE DAY AFTER I ordered! So far so good.

#33. by klone »

cc100best please help me to buy BTC, I only have paypal right now, do you accept paypal payments?

#34. by »

@klone , sorry i dont accept paypal , use , its quite simple and straight forward, let me know if you need any help, im online 24*7

#35. by dhlhack »

hey bro

I just want to order some Cc's and i have a few questions about this
Do you deliVer to germany? If yes how long does it take if i buy 2

Can you deliver to dhl packstations oder just home mailing?

You just accept Btc right? Sorry if i ask a lot but im a newbie To

but it sounds interesting and its cool to see that you are a Verified

Looking forward to hear from you as soon as possible

Thanks in advance

#36. by »

@dhlhack: I have many buyers from germany, 2 cc will cost you 0.90 BTC ( including free fedex express shipping ), you will get your card within 3 days max, Yes i can deliver to dhl packstations, for more information please mail me -

#37. by gena »

hi cc100best,
can I buy a CC with 0.3361094 BTC?
Maybe with lower balance?

#38. by napo »

ok, I am interested by your offer, one will carry out a test, I will take a number to clone a credit card to test and to see whether all occurs well, after this tests, if all functions correctly, I will take several number to you

#39. by mimi »


I would like to buy a test card. WOuld you ship to South America?

Thanks, best regards.

#40. by anon »

Just got my card today, cant express how happy i am, you saved my life

#41. by »

enjoy your card anon :)

#42. by lifehacker »

@cc100best why are you not responding to my email, pls open the link i sent you

#43. by »

@lifehacker i told you many times, i do not open any link because of security reasons.

#44. by noman »

Im new to BTC, can you help me buy BTC , all i have is credit card and paypal

#45. by »


1. create your wallet here (to store your BTC) -

2. Buy bitcoins from here - make sure you
buy from reputed seller

let me know if you need any other help

#46. by abdul »

I just sent you 0.55 btc with express shipping, please confirm

#47. by teki »

cc100best im broke, can you give me one free card?

#48. by lifehacker »

where is my tracking detail cc100best? i already sent you payment

#49. by »

@lifehacker check your spam folder if its not there in your inbox

#50. by Lifehacker »

Thanks cc100best i got it , is that fedex or usps - tracking number - 85303992091*

#51. by »

its fedex and dont post your tracking details in public

#52. by lifehacker »

sent you 2.35 BTC for 5 cards, please revert back

#53. by »

All your cards are shipped, did you even check your inbox?

#54. by Rogue »

Version: GnuPG v2


#55. by »

Rogue , mail me @ with your PGP keys

#56. by tom »

Hi I want to buy one of your cards. What do I need to do?

#57. by Pcc133x86 »


I have a question about your card services. Do your cards include a
cardholder name, billing address and CVV code? I guess I'm just a bit
confused by how they work.


#58. by Robert »

I'm interested in a card that will work in sweden. can you help me with this?

#59. by Muffins »

Hi cc100best,

Im interested and will probably buy one card for start. Just a few
questions, You say on your site that the card will not get frozen, what do
you mean by that? They are cloned, so when I start doing any purchases
someone will spot suspicious transactions on their account within one
month or less depending on when the monthly statement is being issued. So
is it better to cashout/spent all the money as soon as possible or your
cards are somehow special and I do not need to worry about that? Sorry for
the long question.. Other thing I want to ask is would you be able to send
any specific card like EU instead US?


#60. by Davis »

Do u send to p.o box or does it have to be a address?

#61. by »

@Robert , my card works pefectly in sweden, to get more details you can contact me @

#62. by »

Guys I do not check here very often, if you have any queries then contact me via email

#63. by »

@Davis , Yes i can ship it to PO Box

#64. by nucleas »

I'm waiting on an order for my card from Canada, its been 2 days and still no show. cc100best said it can take anything from 1-2 days for canada. Anybody waiting on orders from Canada in the same boat? Or anyone had an order from Canada drop after 2 weeks or more? Gettin a bit paranoid

#65. by nanocore »

Got my card today thanks cc100best -

delivery 10/10
2 days after purchase

stealth 8/10
not over the top but good enough

vendor 10/10
top quality vendor always has time for you,

#66. by »

All orders up to this second are being processed for shipment...

#67. by »

@nanocore - glad to see you guys here... hopefully all the old evo buyers and sellers can regroup

Enjoy your card :)

#68. by »

@nucleas - sorry for the delay, im pretty sure Card will be with you tomorrow.. send me a mail if you hav eany further queries


#69. by cvrd »

Any legit website where I can buy bitcoin in canada? thanks in advance

#70. by gamble »

are you still in business?? i want to order 1 cc with overnight shipping

#71. by »

@gamble - Yes im still in business , Please mail me at for more info

#72. by »

@cvrd - The quickest way would be to use a bitcoin machine, there is quite a few of them in Canada.

#73. by »

@cvrd - Alternatively, you can meet local traders from or, open an account with an online exchange.

#74. by doofer »

You seems to be great..i will soon hve a deal ..just one shot deal to gain trust then alot of deals..and thank GOD i find you after getting scammed from green machine

#75. by bitybites1 »

I emailed you about my order I have't received a pin or tracking?

#76. by Himanshu »

Hi cc100best

Hope you are doing well

I got your reference from one of my friend in India

We require few bunch of cards in India kindly let us know the process
avail cards from you and the limit


#77. by darksccp »

Hey cc100best,

I want to buy a CC but im not getting to send an email to you.

#78. by »
#79. by doofer »

cc100best im still waiting for my tracking details, please get back to me

#80. by cooguy123 »

@cc100best Thanks for the american express!! Cash out was really easy with the provided pin. Definitely buy again! A+++++ service.

#81. by »

Guys I do not check here very often, Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or considerations.

#82. by »

@doofer your card is already shipped, check your mail , i just sent you tracking details

#83. by Lorenzo »

paid him 2.10 btc like 8- 9 hours ago for 2 cards and i have received the tracking number, now my package is on the way , thankyou so much cc100best

#84. by norman »

nice service man i m interested

#85. by darksccp »

im waiting for my tracking details, mail me please

#86. by »

@darksccp - Just sent you tracking details, If you dont find it in your inbox then check your spam folder too

Tracking Number: 115*****92
Number of pkgs in shipment: 00001
Package Weight: 5.0
Shipped on date: 2015-10-03

#87. by Artie »

I just got my card 2 hours ago, tried pulling 1000 bazilian real from ATM and it worked, will try again after 2-3 hours and report here

#88. by jack »

Bro am very much interested to wrk with you...can you please drop me a email is

#89. by wasim »

thank you sir, you are the best seller here highly apperciate it

#90. by MenosNachos »

Hi cc100best,

Im still waiting for an answer regarding my questions about the escrow going through and when I'll be getting my card. I'm on Sigaint just like you, and I don't have a Spam folder to check. And, I know that your messages are cleared to hit my regular inbox.

Please get back to me asap.


#91. by »

@MenosNachos - Just sent you an email with order confirmation

#92. by jrmarero »

Hi I would like to order 2 cloned cards from you. I would like to have a Visa with my name on it. How much would it cost me?

#93. by provision »

When might the package be shipped? If it already has been or when it does, please
let me know the tracking information.

#94. by jasonpaul »

Hello. I have a few questions for you. First let mes ask is it ok to
message you without keys?

#95. by chris martin »

Amazing experience. thumbs up! will deal again for sure!

#96. by Reoze »

I have bought 2 cc's, all goes well he is a trusted seller and highly recommended

#97. by »

@Reoze - thank you for the kind words, and guys i do not check forum often, please contact me by email :

#98. by Nextgen_Gamer »

How does escrow work? do they instantly release payment to you?

#99. by »

@Nextgen_Gamer - Escrow will hold your payment untill you've received, inspected and approved the item, only then does escrow service will pay me

#100. by MenosNachos »

I discovered cc100best not long ago and was thrilled with the vast variety of services they offer, I got what i paid for, it was exactly as advertised. I will definately do business with cc100best in the future.

#101. by joshua »

@cc100best i ordered 5 cards out of them two were having only $3000 balance, can you please compensate ?

#102. by AleFebdro »

I mailed you 2-3 times but haven't heard back, I'll be making a purchase in the next week, please reply

#103. by smoke373 »

Ups delivered my package just now. Thumbs up.

#104. by Wiseman_23 »

Had to let everyone know cc100best is legit. Been dealing with him for a couple months now. Great Guy!

#105. by hossam »

greetings to you

im some one from egypt

i do not have any money to send to you

but im very smart and want to working with you

i want your card but i donot have in return money to send to you

so, if you want any services from me kindly ask me in return to get card

#106. by nourin »

Good credits cards and a really good time to recive my order,as normal from them,I hope I can get more soon because they say they don't have unlimited number,bye.

#107. by mike »

cc100best is a great vendor I've already ordered from him several times and it went smooth and fast. Right now I even have another order in queue. Top A+

#108. by chucky »

So happy i found your service. I really need some cards

#109. by silent_richy »

Plastics arrived today. Thanks for completing my order bro. cc100best = 100% legit.

#110. by Nikolai »

first i thought this was a bit sketchy but than i actually bought a card and received it, i'm hooked now thanks allot bro.

#111. by plug92 »

I forwarded my receiver address pls let me know when they r sent.. ty

#112. by Dylan Adamson »

transfered btc,sent address where they should deliver,was scared have to admit but everything went smooth. thanks a lot!!

#113. by Sajidah »

best vendor out there.

#114. by swipez »

I wanna do business with u bro. Please please please add me on ICQ. My user name is Swipez

#115. by claus hartvig »

I have sended you mail and contactet you on your icq.

#116. by armory »

Hello, i want a card please! I need money :'( Thanks a lot if you reply.

#117. by ahmad »

Hello cc100best , are you still selling cards? I want to buy 2 cards, can you give me some discount ?

#118. by »

@ahmad: Yes im still selling cards, 2 cards will cost you 0.90 BTC including Next flight express shipping, mail me for more information

#119. by Manville »

Hi cc100best im still waiting for my yesterday order, can you please reply to my email , its been 12 hour since i made payment

#120. by trans »

do you have any dumps ???i need a good source.. bins for the western usa.

#121. by ahmad »

Yesterday my 2 cards arrived from my deal with cc100best. thank u so kindly. great deal and would recommend this vendor

#122. by »

@ahmad Thanks for the vouch, I always aim to keep my clients happy

#123. by knv1625 »

i want to try

#124. by recardo »

I sent email to you to make a purchase. I want urgent

#125. by Benvenuto »

Do you ship to italy? which address should i use? my real one or some one else? and are you offering some discount on my first purchase?

#126. by Flynn »

:) Legit cards and high amount to cashout. Will be buying again as promised.

#127. by Vatroslav »

Seems Legit I will surely give it a try

#128. by Euroz »

Can you ship cc+pin to Germany. Im willing to buy a lot .

#129. by nigel »

All good,but the pin no was wrong,had to e-mail them and they replied in about 2 hours with another pin which worked,besides that,all good, will buy again.

#130. by magento »

It was shocking to recive the credit cards...looking so genuie...I went to the store and paid for 7 bucks with the card to see if it works,I was nervous but it worked, after that I've used it at the ATM and took 800 bucks and then another 800 for 4 days and I think there's something left still.

Thaks cc100best

#131. by Gallieo »

This is a card, why do I write a review of it? I received it on time... I am glad it worked the way it was supposed to...

#132. by Cardss »

You still sell cards? How much cost EU 1 card?thanks..

#133. by ecke »

hallo its my first time in the deep web end i found you after there are
ripped me a lot of time. im very intrested becuase you are work with
escrow and es very safe for as. but its my first time and i never worked
with bitcoin but it will work.
but i have some questiones can you send to mexico and how long must i wait
for the card.
and how much you can send.

#134. by bilon »

Pleasure to deal with. To be trusted for quick and smooth transaction

#135. by Mario_sanchez »

I can't understand how these guy do this why not they themselves cash out from bank . Would anybody inform me the logic ?

#136. by Moralitee »

How can i check balance of my cloned cc? does it work like a regular credit card?

#137. by »

@Cardss - Yes im still selling cards, 1 EU card will cost you 0.50 BTC including Next flight express shipping, please mail me for more details at

#138. by »

@Moralitee - You can check balance like any regular credit card via ATM

#139. by scubbasteve »


Came across your onion site, was looking to buy 1 credit card with 4 digit
I was wondering if it was possible to send the card data via file and
email with pin. I have the facility to create the cards and just need the
Just looking for a price etc


#140. by vince »

Dear cc100best,
I have just sent the .5 bitcoins to you for the CC.

please reply to my email as soon as possible

#141. by Siempredigitalchile »

I'm in South Africa and interested in placing an order, please confirm if you ship to South Africa and cost and
quickest time possible please..

#142. by goofyprofit »

Here is my pgp msg, hope you can reply me here fast

Version: GnuPG v2


#143. by rolash »

Do you have any customers at Israel and if you know if it's
going well with the shipping to there?

Also if you have any guide or info how and what can i do with the cc or pp
account on a few ways... it's can be the best and i will buy from you all
the time.


#144. by Donte »

Damn bruh. You da king of cash money…im from da hood and broads be chasing me cuz i got bread now. real talk.

#145. by luiz »

cc100best you promised me that i can pull full $4000 , but i was only able to cashout $3000, did i do something wrong or my card limit ws only 3000?

#146. by oh2 »

how much for 1 shipped to the US and how would I go about getting it?? I appreciate your time and look forward to hearing back
from you!!


#147. by amigo »

Sir help I have huge debt around 20000 dollars what to do any help sir please

#148. by fredrick »

Six thousand dollars in the bank so happy right now wish I could meet you in person to show how thankful I am to your great work thanks a lot brother will Contact you for more cards…

#149. by Earlcouche »

Clever packaging. I did not send it to my dorm but the package could definitely pass through with no problems.

#150. by ThatOneGuyInTX »

Sent payment on 1/24, received the package on 1/28. Sent within the estimated turnaround time . No complaints.

#151. by kenny »

Hello, I'm new to this so please have some patience with me. I'm looking to purchase 1 card just want to see if it works! Let me know how I need to proceed.

#152. by dave »

Was buying from you on evolution. now found your site on hidden wiki. so fucking glad.

#153. by Deal-kwick »

Got my card eariler today, tried it at the atm, it worked and everything looks fine so far.

#154. by bbonus »

got the tracking number. kinda strange they just give it to you like that, it reveals where they sent it from. but they prboably arent sending it from their city

#155. by Dan08 »

Hi there,

I'm interested in trying out your services. How do we get started? If this works out, I'm happy to ship more BTC for larger orders.



#156. by Dan8 »

also Can I use an alias as well if mail comes directly to me?

#157. by kenneth »

verkopen jullie nog steeds cc? en hoe word dit opgestuurd en wat is de leversnelheid?
heb interesse


#158. by lafraz »

hi cc100best crew how much is $300 is bitcoins, do you accept any other payment or only btc

#159. by cc100bestcrew »

@lafraz we only accept bitcoins as payment, You can check current btc-usd price here -

#160. by Rauf_pak »

I paid for $3500 WU few minutes ago, why are you not responding

#161. by cc100bestcrew »

@Rauf_pak - check your email i just replied, and do leave your feedback here once you get funds

#162. by linkmybase »

I have placed order today with him, I will give update about his service if good or bad and if fast or slow.

#163. by ginsengwarrior »

Dont buy from any other seller who are offering cards in low price, they dont care after you pay them ,99% of them are lazy and dont even reply properly when you ask questions , cc100bestcrew on the other hand is very responsible and active guy ,i always get reply in 4-5 hours

#164. by linkmybase »

Great service , nice stuff and fast delivery, no stress no sweat all go and come with easy. Well recommended seller. AAA+++

#165. by tinypills »

Send me please track number of shiped package. You told me that will give yesterday or today. Waiting for you.

#166. by cc100bestcrew »

Check your emails @tinypills

#167. by tinypills »

@cc100bestcrew Thanks sir i got it, how much time does it take to get it delivered?

#168. by Buakav »

hello, i would like to buy.
can you answer my questions there :

#169. by auscarder »

Quality of plastic is good, exactly like any regular credit card, i want my next card to look like amex

#170. by maxi_nz »

made an order on saturday got my delivery on tuesday grate vendor

#171. by Jacksmith »

Did you recieve my money and ship the card ?

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